Frontend Developer with 12+ years of experience building user interfaces with a broad knowledge of web standards and modern tools. With a love for good design, style guides, and component frameworks. Working remotely for the last 6+ years.


Recent Experience

Mapme 2016–2019

Front-end Developer – Remote

Implemented the redesigned product UI with Vue & Vuex, and worked on features and maintenance of an application built in Angular.js, both connected to a Meteor backend. Designed and built new components, applied design changes and refactored the codebase.

Deviget 2013 to 2016

Front-end Developer – Remote

Worked on a big application for managing online advertising with large pieces of business logic in Angular.js. Wrote quite a few components with unit tests, as well as some E2E tests with the QA team. Established a scalable and modular architecture for CSS, refactored the styles, developed a style guide with visual patterns and researched about visual style testing. Learned more about Scrum and distributed teamwork. Also, worked with another client—from the security industry—building a UI in React for managing security policies.

Vulsai 2012 to 2013

Front-end Developer

Worked side-by-side with the team's designer, introducing into the workflow tools like Sass and Compass, modular architecture for CSS and also Responsive Web Design, Mobile First, and Progressive Enhancement best practices. Accomplished a wide variety of JavaScript projects—aside from regular web apps—from Node.js back-end processing scripts to critical embeddable third-party widgets and a data visualization app. Incorporated a build process on the team.